Downtown Kenosha NEWSLETTER August 2015

Downtown Kenosha NEWSLETTER August 2015

Kenosha Fusion

August 4th, 2015


What the Fusion?

Just over one year ago, Don Miller opened a new music performance venue in the former Grand Central Records and Tapes retail store. At the time, the concept was one that was a bit foreign to locals. A place to listen to music, that wasn’t a bar. It was a concept that has proven to be popular and today the Kenosha Performing Arts Association (KPAA), and their venue Fusion, has elevated the Downtown Kenosha Arts scene. It is quickly building a reputation as a place where culture thrives in our community.

Located at 5014 7th Avenue, the facility found a cozy home in the Harborside area of Downtown, where shops, bars, and salons intermingle next to Kenosha’s picturesque inlet. Established as a place to take music to a “different level” of performance, the intimate space offers a wide diversity of performance and artistic expression. Besides hosting amazing musical performances, you will find standup comedy, plays, recitals, puppet shows, open mic nites, poetry readings, and pretty much any form of performance one can imagine.

The facility features a hall that seats up to 80 patrons, and can be configured for an event space for teaching or seminars, and has full internet connectivity to stream live events and concerts. The upper floor creative space allows for music production graphic arts and photography studios, and the new backyard outdoor garden area has recently been expanded to offer outdoor performance as well as just a cool place to chill out. The space is close without feeling cramped, and often one can lose themselves in the performance, feeling that they are almost on stage with the artists. Do not let another summer evening go by without checking out Fusion!

To learn more about Fusion and the amazing summer schedule offered, please visit their website at

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