Fusion Presents “Eddie Crummer and Zach Schmidt”

Fusion Presents “Eddie Crummer and Zach Schmidt”

  • Location:5014 7th Ave, Kenosha WI 53140
  • Venue:Fusion
  • Length:08:00 pm

Fusion is pleased to have Singer / Songwriters Eddie Crummer and Zach Schmidt for an evening original songs and musical stories.

Eddie Crummer is a prolific songwriter and is a “must listen” to anyone with a healthy respect for true works of art. Close your eyes and render yourself in the tangled woods of southeastern Wisconsin. The sky seems to hang a little lower, the wind whispers through the branches, and the prairie is brilliantly painted in colors most have only dreamed of being witness to. The bluffs in the distance beg to be tamed and the sensation of uninhibited freedom hangs over you like a cloud. This is the home and inspirational building grounds of singer/ songwriter Eddie Crummer. Residing in a place as rich in inspiration as this, it’s not hard to believe that someone would begin to turn their emotions into songs. That is exactly what Eddie did. Teaching himself how to play guitar at 14, Eddie began crafting his own writing style almost immediately. Drawing inspiration from dark honky tonks, and classic country, he began to create a sound all his own.
Zach Schmit’s music has a profound ability to pay homage to the longstanding tradition of folk music while breathing new-life into American sound. The best songwriters can take you to a specific place and specific time – even if you’ve never been. It’s exactly what happens when you listen to Zach Schmidt’s music. The Pittsburgh native has emerged on the Nashville folk music scene with his newly released EP, Horse or Truck or Train, demonstrating undeniable talent as a fresh singer-songwriter. Inspired by a bike ride across the continental U.S. Horse or Truck or Train is a winding journey, rich with imagery reminiscent of seasoned greats like Guy Clark and John Prine. His songs are as classic as his sound – drawing you in with a timeless quality – spinning a story you could swear was your own.

Doors Open at 7:30 show starts at 8:00.  Tickets are $7.00