KPAA Presents Pale Horse

KPAA Presents Pale Horse

  • Location:5014 7th Ave
  • Venue:Fusion
  • Length:08:00 pm

Pale Hosre 3Pale Horse is the creation of California native, Edward Stephen Crummer. Only a recent resident of Wisconsin, Crummer has spent the lion’s share of the past four years traveling from Minnesota to Ohio, and Illinois back to Wisconsin playing small venues, bars, basements and street corners in pursuit of music. During those years, only a few bands were ever formed and each one was very short lived. Having been discouraged by this, Crummer began to work as a solo artist and went on a two year hiatus where he focused solely on songwriting and crafting them into something far more unique and meaningful than they had previously been.

In April 2013, his self titled EP was released and received local radio play as well as a guest spot on “Boxof Chocolates”, a Wisconsin Public Television broadcast.In the fall of 2013, Pale Horse was formed with fellow band mates in order to take the “songwriter” sound of Crummer’s work and create a full band out of it.  The roster quickly grew from one man, into the full six man set that it currently is. Pale Horse is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut full length CD “Cold Steel Cage” which will be available to listeners by Spring 2014.

With inspiration stemming from old-time country to folk and blues, Pale Horse has created a unique sound all their own and still managed to pay homage to classic American music, the way it is most fondly remembered.

Doors open at 7:00 show starts at 8:00,  $5:00 Admission.