Mexico City is Sinking

Mexico City is Sinking

  • Location:5014 7th Ave, Kenosha WI 53140
  • Venue:Fusion
  • Length:07:00 pm

“Mexico City is Sinking is the moniker of Marco Jaimez. Much like a child’s artwork, he uses his guitar as a blank sheet of paper while his voice and harmonies act as the crayons that create a chaotic and vibrant display of emotion for the listener. His debut EP, The Queen of Monster Island, is a time capsule and enclosed are photographs of the heart ache that comes with loss, the support of a loved one, and the fog of a troubled mind. It is honest, beautiful, and relatable.”

Special guests will include Jordin Bass and Dillon Nickel

Doors open at 6:30, Admission $5.00