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Kenosha Fusion

May 4th, 2014


Stage5I spend most of the 4th grade seated behind my teacher’s desk, separated from the general population in solitary confinement. The daily use of corporal punishment had little effect on my inability to sit in one place for any period of time, and the God given ability to make the wielder of the “Board Of Education” laugh, seemed to make them swing it a little harder. Write an essay? You’ve had me sitting on my hands for two hours!

They would later discover that sending me to the quiet of the library with any good book, or letting me pound on drums for awhile would curb my “behavior” – for a short time at least. A grade school equivalent to a phone call from the Governor, if you will.

Watching musicians perform at bars brings me back to those wonderful, joy filled days of my youth. I want to hear them play, but there’s just too much happening! Greeting long lost friends, drunks discussing politics, “Old Geezers” trying to impress young women, the hustle & bustle of servers & bartenders (tip those people), and my covert attempts at appreciating the female beauty God has created as it walks by distract me to no end. “Look – a squirrel!” At any moment I fully expect SWMBO to paddle me and send to sit on a stool behind the bar.

I’m growing more & more excited at the prospect of Fusion opening. I love original songs. Someone has taken their influences, experiences and talent and created something unique to them. I want to hear the subtle nuisances of the chords and every word of the lyrics when they perform their music, free from the distraction of a tavern.

I don’t mean to send a mixed message in this rambling mess of words. I had blast listening to “The Brent Mitchell Trio” last night at the Yardarm. I would enjoy listening to those same songs in a quiet, intimate environment designed for listening to music just as much. Add to the local flavor with appearances by performers such as “Rodrigo y Gabriela” (hint Mr. Miller), or some other touring act, and I must ask: “Where do I buy tickets?”

Kudos to Don Miller and his cast of volunteers – save me a seat behind the stage.

By Kenosha Unplugged

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