Fusion Fest a hit with local music scene by The Kenosha News

Fusion Fest a hit with local music scene by The Kenosha News

Kenosha Fusion

September 27th, 2015


The first Fusion Fest Saturday was a christening many musicians and music lovers won’t soon forget.

A steady of patrons who came to help celebrate the debut of the patio at Fusion, 5014 Seventh Ave., danced, clapped and swayed to and fro in time with the mesmerizing tunes from the outdoor stage.

Some said it was a fitting autumn event that made the daylong activities seem more like an end-of-summer party. It featured a host of bands playing a variety of music including blues, country, Neil Young hits and oldies. There also was food and a 50-50 raffle.

Fusion, the non-profit venue of the Kenosha Performing Arts Association, was introducing its patio to the public.

Built over the last several months by volunteers, the patio is expected to bring more charm to a place that has become a haven for all sorts of artists including comics, puppeteers and poets. It also offers plays, open microphone performances and recitals, showcasing local and regional talent.

“It’s like being in Key West. That’s what they have there, outdoor patios and live music,” said Kevin Grissom a folk musician who performed with Macyn Taylor.

Although not located in the Florida Keys, where noted writers Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams crafted some of their best works, Fusion is near the water’s edge in the Harborside neighborhood that is fast becoming the place to go to appreciate music and other forms of art.

Owner Don Miller, a drummer and guitarist who played Saturday with the group Acoustic Soul, calls it an artist community venue for those who want to express themselves.

“There is so much talent in Kenosha,” said Steven Hawkins, a sound technician who also serves on the Fusion board. “Kenosha is just bursting at the seams with all kinds of artists. Kenosha needs something like this.”

Pete Mulligan, a guitar player with Rusty Horse, a local band, didn’t play Saturday, but attended to support other musicians. “I think it’s an awesome place. It took a lot of guts to start something like this,” he said.

Other performers included Glen Morrison Jr., Paul Emersun, Pat Garrett, Craig Stoneman, Brent Mitchell, Grissom, Rich Branch, George Lebangood, Shane Madsen, Ben Mulwana and Sid Simo.

BY JAMES LAWSON of The Kenosha News

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