How can I get myself or my band booked at Fusion and how does it work?
First off Fusion is a performance venue and we sell tickets to the show by online ticket sales or at the door. We seat about 80 people and this is an intimate listening space. The ticket sales are split between the artist and the venue at some percentage depending on the act. Doors will open about 1 hour before the show and will normally last from 1.5 to 2  hours depending on the content. We do serve Pop, Water, Beer and Wine during the show. Video/Audio Recording, Streaming  are available for your show. Feel free to send along the following information to

  • Website.
  • Video and audio links.
  • Where in the area you’ve performed before, who else was on the bill, how much tickets cost, and how many people came.
  • What shows you’ve seen at Fusion and why you think you’d be a good fit.

We’ll take a listen and see if you may be right for Fusion.  Please know that we do listen to every submission sent to us. That being said, if we think you’re right for Fusion, you’ll absolutely be hearing from us.

Thanks, The Fusion Booking Team